Vridhi Group

Vridhi has a lot of manufacturing capabilities, but they were facing issues with their distribution system. We less manpower, we came up a solution enabling technology to track movement of goods and payment from central hub to various distributors.

IJV Lectures

Creating an online learning platfrom was easy, but with enhanced security measures in order to avoid content piracy is bit tricky. This was the problem stated by IJV. They wanted to have their copyright material to be highly secured with the mobile application running on android. We proposed multi-layered security protocol for making content delivery as secure as possible.

ALK Enterprises
Warehousing Experts

Finding a lot inside a warehouse can be tedious but not when you have QR marking in place. With our expertise our warehousing needs, we were able to provide a perfect stacking and searching solution to ALK Enterprises.

Testimony Hub
Social Platform

With an ever growing social media platforms, a one more was quite questionable for us. But not until we understood how this social media platform is different and only for closed groups. The concept was perfect and so was our approach for solving the problem.

On-demand Platform

Running in countries which are currently not having that much advanced technology. This is one of those solutions which are built around the needs of the market and not on the hypothesis.

Prama by pratima

Custom marketplace with apparel designed by one of the prominent designer of the fashion industry. I think you get the point, it cannot be a simple self hosted e-commerce site but needs a lot more customization then can be seen with the naked eyes.